Brick Paver Sealing Fort Myers

Need brick paver sealing in Fort Myers? A well done brick sealing project brings with it several benefits for you and your property. Here is what you will gain from the leading brick paver sealing service in Fort Myers. 1. Easier Cleaning Your pavers lend high aesthetic appeal to your property and provide a durable…

Can You Pressure Wash a Pool Deck?

Homeowners usually tend to tackle the pool deck cleaning by either using a garden house with a cleaning substance or a rented power washer. So, it’s safe to say that you can pressure wash a deck to get rid of all the dirt and sand. However, the problem that arises is that if you have a concrete pool deck, a pressure washer can end up damaging the concrete or cracking or chipping the pavers.

Power Washing vs Pressure Washing

Power washing entails the use of a power washer, which uses high pressure steam of hot water to get rid of dirt and materials from surfaces. It’s the combination of the extremely high pressure with the water temperature that makes it a very good option for getting rid of dirt that is stuck on outdoor surfaces.