Should I Seal My Paver Patio?

Pavers come in many shapes and sizes, making them a popular choice for hardscaping for front and backyards. To maintain their aesthetics and prolong their lifespan, many homeowners take the plunge and seal the pavers. Since paver sealant is an expensive investment, you may consider skipping on it. To make sure you make an informed decision, we’ve highlighted  some reasons why you can’t skip on sealant.

Reasons to Seal Your Paver Patio

Maintenance and Beauty

Sealant helps you maintain your paver patio, keeping it looking good as new. Concrete is porous, which makes it susceptible to fading caused by natural elements. Sealant not only helps retain the original color of the stone, but also makes it pop. Glossy finish sealants give a water-like shine to your pavement, just like the one you get after a rainy day.

Say No to Stains

Sealants help protect your pavement from stains. You can be stress-free about dropping and staining the pavers when unloading your groceries or having Bar B Que parties in your garage. Sealant creates a barrier between most liquids and your pavement, making sure any oil or color stains are easily wiped off, leaving behind no trace.

should I seal my paver patioWater Damage; Cracked Pavement and Moss

Water can be trapped inside porous stones and concrete. When temperatures drop, this water can turn to ice and expand, causing your pavement to crack during winters. In summers, moss and mildew can form between the stones and your patio will turn a shade of green! To save yourself from the hassle of removing moss, use a strong joint-stabilizing sealant on your paver patio. It will harden the concrete, preventing moisture from seeping in and making it difficult for moss or mildew to grow on your pavement.

Extend the Life of Your Paver Patio

Sealant improves the durability of your paver patio and increases its lifespan considerably. This is due to numerous reasons, for example, weed or ice will not crack your tiles, water will not absorb into the pores and make the pavement material brittle, UV rays from the sun will not affect your pavement as much as it would otherwise, sand will not wear away and prevent pavers from coming loose, etc.

Less Cleaning for You!

If you seal your pavement, you won’t have to worry as much about giving it a thorough cleaning. Sand and dirt will easily wash away with just a splash of water, saving you a lot of time and effort! The frequency at which you need to clean will also decrease considerably. Where you used to clean it twice or thrice a week, you will only need to clean your patio once in two weeks when you use a good quality sealant!

Call us now to book our Brick and Travertine sealing services! We provide a one-year warranty on the quality of our sealant so you can rest assured that we’ll exceed expectations in taking care of your pavements!