Can You Pressure Wash a Lanai Screen?

If you reside in a place with a hot climate, you probably have a screen enclosure over your swimming pool to protect you from the sun. Screen enclosures are also extremely helpful at keeping insects, leaves, and debris out of your pools, deck, patio, or any other outdoor areas.

You can calmly relax and enjoy your date outdoor without having to worry about any of these environmental factors. Moreover, screen enclosures also give you a sense of privacy from your neighboring homes. One such screen enclosure that helps cover your pool is a lanai screen.

Since screen enclosures go on to become a highly essential part of your home, it only makes sense that you look after it. You should pay as much attention to cleaning your lanai screen as much as you pay to cleaning your house internally.

So, let’s check out exactly what a lanai screen is and whether it can be pressure washed or not.

What is a Lanai Screen?

A lanai screen is a screen enclosure that is made up of different transparent panels. It extends over certain areas to provide an extra shaded place.

pressure washing lanai

Can a Lanai Screen be Pressure Washed?

Your lanai screen can get extremely dirty due to the dirt, grime, and other debris. So, since a pressure washer is used to clean many outdoor areas such as your patio or deck, you might be wondering if your lanai screen can be pressure washed too.

Well, yes! Lanai screen can definitely be pressure washed. You can use a pressure washer to get rid of grime, stubborn stains, and mold off your lanai screen and frame. This is considered to be one of the easiest methods to clean screen enclosures especially since they are very hard to reach.

The high pressure of water combined with hot water helps get rid of most of the dirt from the screen. However, you should start with low pressure and then gradually turn it up to keep your lanai screen from getting damaged. Moreover, you can either pressure wash your lanai screen yourself or have a professional do it.

How to Pressure Wash a Lanai Screen?

If you’re planning to wash your lanai screen yourself, here are a few simple steps you can follow.

  1. Apply a cleaning solution on your lanai screen.
  2. Softly brush your lanai screen from the inside and outside.
  3. Pressure wash your lanai screen with medium water pressure.
  4. Let the screen air dry or use a cloth to wipe off the excess water.

The Bottom Line

You need to learn how to maintain your lanai screen properly because you might face certain health implications due to elements such as dirt, mold, pollen, and mildew. However, since lanai screens are installed at a height, it can be rather difficult and risky to clean them yourself. This is why you should hire a professional.

If you’re looking to hire a professional to pressure wash your lanai screen, contact us for a free estimate today.