Can You Pressure Wash Pavers with Polymeric Sand?

Pressure washing pavers with polymeric sand

To pressure wash pavers with polymeric sand is an effective way to refresh and revive the look of your outdoor space. Polymeric sand is a special type of sand that contains polymer additives which help bind the sand particles together, preventing weeds from growing between the stones and keeping them in place.

pressure wash pavers with polymeric sand

To pressure wash with polymeric sand can help restore the original beauty of your pavers and make them look like new again. When pressure washing pavers with polymeric sand, it’s important to be careful not to damage or erode away at the stones themselves. You should use a low-pressure setting on your pressure washer so that you don’t damage the surface or erode away at any of the polymeric material. Make sure to always follow manufacturer instructions when using and cleaning around polymeric materials as they may need specific precautions.

Once you have finished pressure washing, it’s important to allow time for all surfaces to dry before reapplying any additional sealants or treatments. Additionally, you should check for any remaining debris or dirt after pressure washing and clean it off so that it does not interfere with future sealing applications.

Finally, if you plan on resealing your pavers afterwards, make sure that all surfaces are completely dry before applying sealant as moisture can affect how well the sealant works in protecting against weathering elements such as UV rays and water damage over time.

Overall, pressure washing pavers with polymeric sand can be an easy way to restore their original beauty without having to replace them entirely. Just remember to take extra precaution when working around these sensitive materials by using a low-pressure setting on your washer and allowing plenty of time for drying after cleaning has been completed before resealing or treating surfaces again in order to get optimal results from this maintenance task!

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