How Long To Stay Off Pavers After Sealing?

Pavers are a common trend as they are low maintenance and cheap to install. Sealant increases the lifespan of pavers, poolsides, driveways, and any other outdoor surfaces. It protects them against the elements and keeps the pavers looking good as new for an extended period.

If you have decided to seal your pavers, driveways, or any other surface, you may wish to know how long you should stay off pavers after sealing the surface. After all, you don’t want to ruin the effect instantly after your hard work is starting to pay off.

How Long Does It Take for Patio Sealer to Dry?

Sealant takes around 3-5 days to dry completely based on the type and brand of sealant that you use. It may seem dry to the touch, but the sealant will get harder with time.

pressurewash brick paversHow Long Before I can Walk on Freshly Applied Sealer?

It is wise to stay off the sealed area before it completely dries, but a paver is safe to walk on if it is dry to the touch. This usually takes around 6-10 hours.

How Long before I can Drive on Freshly Applied Sealer?

It is recommended that you do not drive on the sealed area for at least two days or your sealant will be ruined with tire tracks. It is best to wait 3-4 days before driving your car over the sealed area.

How to Prep Before Sealing

Here are some tips for preparing and making arrangements before sealing your pavers to avoid having to walk or drive over your freshly sealed patio or driveway:

  • Find another place to temporarily park your car so that your driveway can be free for the entire drying time.
  • Call off any home deliveries that you are expecting in the coming days so that the delivery people do not accidentally walk over the fresh sealant.
  • While this might seem cliché, it is a good idea to hang a sign at the main entrance warning any visitors to not step on the sealed area.
  • You can also mark the area or tea strings around it to make sure that no one accidentally walks over the fresh sealant.
  • If you have young kids, they tend to run all over the place. Talk to them before starting the sealing and explain why they can’t walk or run on the sealed area. Involving them in the process can make sealing a fun family activity.
  • If you have pets, make sure that the sealed area is not accessible to them for at least 6-10 hours or as recommended by the professional. You may tie them on a leash for a while to make sure that your fresh sealant isn’t ruined with paw prints.

Read the instruction manuals carefully before sealing. If you have doubts, ask the professionals for suggestions and information on the sealant you are using. Sealing your patios, driveways, and walkways every two years will keep them looking fresh and protect them against the elements effectively.