What is Soft Wash Pressure Washing?

As a homeowner, you must be interested in getting rid of unsightly stains from your patio, deck and siding. However, you must be worried about causing damage to these areas due to pressure washing.

If you are not careful enough, your patio, deck and siding can take a beating from pressure washing. Hence, you need an alternative that is gentler on your property. Soft washing is the answer that you have been looking for.

Soft Wash your house

Pressure Washing

Homeowners often associate pressure washing with problems like torn off paint, destroyed landscaping, blown window seals and other kinds of similar property damage. These effects are often seen when certain home

owners decide to take it upon themselves to pressure wash their houses. The experience is not exactly a success in most cases. As DIY enthusiasts find out the hard way, there are numerous reasons why you have professionals cleaning services for delicate tasks like pressure washing. If not done properly, pressure washing can badly backfire.   

Soft Wash

A much safer alternative to pressure washing is soft washing. As the name implies, this washing technique creates a gentle flow of water by means of a special low pressure nozzle that may be present at the front of a pressure washing wand or gun. You can also use a biodegradable chemical to eliminate moss, dirt, pollen, algae and mold, besides stains. Thanks to the low pressure involved, soft washing is less prone to damaging the surfaces on your property and it is also far less likely to harm your plants.

Soft washing is an effective way for cleaning stains from areas like patios, decks, roofs, fences and siding. Due to the low pressure involved, masonry and paint on your property will last longer. Homeowners can safely and thoroughly wash their property with soft washing.

Pressure Washing Has Its Uses

Having explained the benefits of soft washing, it is still worth pointing out that pressure washing has its own place.

A commercial pressure washing machine is necessary for carrying out soft washing and pressure washing. The machine works by correctly diluting and distributing chemicals during the pre-rinse stage. You can also select the most suitable volume/pressure ratio, depending on the kind of surface that you are cleaning. This is often the point at which confusion arises between pressure washing and soft washing.

Enter the Professionals

A professional pressure washing company will know exactly which pressure/volume combination should be used at a given time and place. Such a company can carry out both soft washing and pressure washing with finesse, thereby leaving no damage to your property.

The company professionals are fully aware of the pressures that they should apply to different surfaces, the nozzles required for these pressures and the water flow rate necessary. They also know how much chemical they should include for a safe, effective and thorough wash.

Although soft washing is a relatively safe option, the task of cleaning your property with a soft wash is nevertheless painstakingly long and onerous. You can save time and energy by hiring the right power washing company for the job. The company will also know when to do pressure washing so that your property looks spotlessly clean and immaculate.

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