Should You Pressure Wash Soffits and Fascia?

Soffits and Fascia

Soffits and fascia are used in many homes these days. Both soffits and fascia have their own functions, but the best part is that they enhance the appearance of your home.

On top of making your home look good, soffits are used to cover the eaves of your home. They also increase the breathability of your house, which ensures that your house remains ventilated. The fascia, on the other hand, makes your house look more put together. The main purpose of fascia is to ensure that your gutters are kept in place, ensuring that they don’t fall, especially on rainy and windy days.

Now you know what soffits and fascia are; it’s now time to talk about keeping them clean. While there are plenty of ways to clean them, pressure washing is something many people opt for. However, many people are concerned about whether or not this is a safe option. Pressure washing uses a high-pressure stream of water to clean surfaces. This can potentially damage the surface being cleaned. But it is safe to pressure wash soffits and fascia.

soffits and Fascia cleaning

How to Pressure Wash Soffits and Fascia

Soffits and fascia can easily become a home to mold, mildew, and fungus. You may need to clean soffits and fascia depending on the climatic conditions of the area where you live. Regular cleaning is a must because the dirtier your soffits and fascia get, the harder it will be for you to clean.

Now coming back to the main point, if you want to pressure wash soffits and fascia, first, you need to invest in a pressure washer. If that seems like an expensive option, you can always rent one out.

Pressure washers usually come with different nozzles that can reduce or increase the pressure depending on its shape. To start, you should use a low-pressure nozzle and rinse the areas that you want to clean.

You can spray a detergent over the area that requires cleaning and let it sit for a few minutes. Now switch to a high-pressure nozzle and pressure wash soffits and fascia. Once you’re done, your home will look as good as new.

Seek Professional Help

Pressure washing comes with its own set of risks. For instance, pressure washers can cause serious damage to the surface you’re cleaning, and you may even end up with injuries if you’re not careful. That’s why we recommend seeking professional help.

You can call Kingsway Paver Sealing to pressure wash soffits and fascia. They offer the best pressure washing services by sending over a team of experts who can get the job done right.