Pressure Washing Safety: Dangers and Benefits

Nowadays, the most significant trend in house maintenance is undoubtedly pressure washing homes. Whether experienced or otherwise, homeowners are trying their hand at pressure washing to clean the exterior of their house from grime and dirt.

What goes unnoticed, however, are the dangers associated with pressure washing your home. Thus raises the question, is pressure washing safe?

Before we answer that, it is best to bring facts forward, discuss what pressure-washing homes are, and the dangers and benefits of it.

is pressure washing safe

What is Pressure Washing?

Pressure washing is a technique to clean the house’s surface from dirt, mold, and grime. It does so by using high-pressure water spray from a pipe. Usually, pressure washing is done just before a new paint job to wash off the old paint. Or it is done to prepare a new house for a coat of paint.

Pressure washing homes are done regularly to clean patios, driveways, and the overall exterior. Since your home’s exterior is exposed to copious amounts of dirt, bird droppings, and what not, pressure washing is an excellent routine to follow to maintain the overall surface of your house.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

In the right hands, pressure washing can bring many benefits. These include:

  • It keeps the home clean and beautiful
  • If you let the dirt or mold on your house, sit for too long, it can cause permanent damage. The cost of repairing the damage will also be a lot
  • It is a more cost-effective way as compared to repainting in keeping your house looking clean and new
  • Pressure washing is an efficient way of preparing the surface of your home for a repaint
  • By cleaning your home with pressure washing, it restores curb appeal, and your house looks as good as new, thus increasing its property value

Dangers of Pressure Washing

There are some dangers of pressure washing homes, and they are:

  • Through pressure washing, the water may enter your house, causing you to end up with mold, wet carpets, wet attics, etc
  • When done incorrectly, pressure washing may blast away the mortar on brick houses, and the siding in homes may get damaged and loosened
  • It can remove paint, and if you were not planning on repainting your home, you would then have to

Final Thoughts

When done right, pressure washing is an effective and affordable method of cleaning your house and preparing it for a repaint or a sale. However, pressure washing homes should only be done by experts and professionals; otherwise, you can end up with permanent, irreparable damage to your house.

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