4 Considerations Sealing Old Brick Pavers

Should You Consider Sealing Old Brick Pavers?

Brick pavers can be significantly costly to install and repairs aren’t cheap either. What is one supposed to do if they have not maintained their brick pavers in a while? Is sealing old brick paver a good idea? We will be discussing some factors to consider before making this decision:

1. Sealing Old Brick Pavers – Is it Possible?

Sealants are usually applied 24 hours after the installation of a brick paver; however, even if you missed that step it isn’t too late.

Sealing your old brick pavers is definitely possible and recommended but you have to consider some other things as well:

  • Clean Your Brick Paver Well: Since your paver is probably old, before applying a sealant, make sure to clean it thoroughly because if there is dirt or grime, it will be sealed into your paver which will reduce its life.
  • Make Sure The Structure Is Strong: Applying a sealant only makes sense if your brick paver is strong, if the bricks are loose; applying a sealant will not be much effective.

Sealing old brick pavers

2. Restore Any faded colors

If you want your brick paver to look fresh and new, before applying a sealant make sure that you apply color to it. This will be a necessity depending on how badly faded your bricks are.

You can easily find coloring kits online or in stores.

3. A Weak Structure

It is vital to see the structural strength of your paver before applying a sealant. If you can see movement in the paver or if the bricks have settled, you should consider replacing your paver. If that option is costly you can even hire a professional for proper restoration.

4. What Will be Easy on the Pockets?

Replacing your old brick paver can be a huge cost therefore investing in a good sealant will be beneficial for you. If you buy an inexpensive sealant, you might need to reapply more often. Therefore, it is better to invest in a premium sealant.

Even if you have a weak structure and cannot afford replacement; applying a sealant will allow a longer life for your paver.

Summing It Up

Restoration, replacement and applying sealants can be very technical if you do not have expertise in this area. It is not easy to tell if your base structure is weak, which type of sealant to use, how much of restoration is required and so on.

We recommend going for professional help in this case to avoid future costs and get the right advice from experts regarding your old brick pavers.

Kingsway Paver Sealing & Pressure Washing can help you in this case.