Sealing Brick Pavers in SW Florida

How Often Should Your Seal Your Brick Pavers?

The weather in Florida makes it vital for sealing brick pavers due to the long summers and heavy rains. Generally, sealants on brick pavers in Florida should be applied every 2-4 years. This is an additional cost but it can save you from having to replace your brick paver altogether as it adds longevity.

More importantly, you have to make sure that it is sealed the right way. Many homes in SW Florida face this issue because there are so many people who offer such services but are not really experts in their field. Thus, it becomes important to invest in a good company for the maintenance of your brick pavers. Also, you should know which type of sealants work best in Florida’s weather conditions.

sealing brick pavers

Types of Sealants That Work Best in SW Florida

Due to the humidity levels in Florida, it is crucial to buy a good quality sealant for your brick paver. Mainly, there are two types of sealants that are recommended: Film-forming sealants and Penetrating Sealers.

Penetrating sealers are a bit more expensive and offer better quality results, but if you are on a budget you can also go for a premium quality film-forming sealant. Film-forming sealants that are recommended for SW Florida are Acrylics and Polyurethanes.

Why is Sealing Important?

  1. You probably paid a hefty amount when you first installed your brick paver; therefore, it makes sense to maintain them to ensure that your initial investment is protected.
  2. They make your paver weather-resistant which is important to beat Florida’s harsh sun.
  3. Sealers protect your paver from the outside world whilst also maintaining the color of the bricks.

The drawbacks of using sealants

  1. It is a recurring task which annoys some people.
  2. These tasks usually require professional help which can become a burden on your budget.

Seal Brick Pavers!

Even though maintaining your brick pavers might require some time and money, doing so will allow you to enjoy your beautiful and fashionable paver. More importantly, if you think about the costs you are making to elongate your paver’s life, it will be better for you in the long run. If you spend time and money trying to replace the paver once it’s in a really bad condition, that cost will be significantly higher compared to maintenance costs. In order to get the right sealant and application, professional help becomes a must.

As discussed before, there are many people out there who offer such services but are not really experts in their field. Hiring them will result in a higher frequency of maintenance throughout the year. We recommend using Kingsway Paver Sealing & Pressure Washing Services.

We are experts at cleaning, sealing and restoring your brick pavers in the best condition possible