How to Clean Brick Patio Pavers

Whether they’re used on a pool deck, patio, or both, brick pavers can add an aesthetic appeal everywhere. But you must keep clean brick patio pavers if you want them to last for long.

Here are some ways to clean brick patio pavers:

1. Empty Your Patio

Before you clean the pavers, make sure you first remove all your patio furniture and any potted plants. You don’t want anything to get damaged during cleaning. Simply put, remove anything that might get damaged during cleaning.

2. Get Rid of Weeds

Moss and weed can easily find their way between brick pavers. Before getting to the actual cleaning, you must first get rid of all the weeds and moss growing between the pavers. You can use a handheld brush or a simple broom to remove the moss. For the weeds, you’ll have to pull them out.

3. Rinse with Water

Before using a cleaning solution, rinse your brick pavers with water. When you rinse the brick pavers, it will help in the cleaning process. Your cleaning detergent won’t be soaked up by the paver, forming a misty film.

4. Prepare a Cleaning Solution

This is the most important part of cleaning brick pavers. You can either get a cleaning agent from a local supermarket or simply prepare a solution with the things lying around your house.

To prepare a cleaning solution, all you have to do is mix water will any liquid or powder detergent. You can even use a dishwashing liquid. You can adjust the quantities as needed. Once the solution is prepared, you can pour it onto the pavers.

5. Scrub

Use a hard-bristled brush to scrub away all the dirt, grime, and dust accumulated over time. The cleaning agent will loosen up everything, and with enough scrubbing, you can completely get rid of everything resulting in clean brick patio pavers.

6. Rinse it All Off

Once you’re done scrubbing, pour water onto the pavers to get rid of the soapy water and get clean brick pavers.

7. Re-sanding

During the cleaning process, many homeowners remove a huge chunk of the sand between the pavers, leaving empty spaces. This can cause pavers to break or come off; you need to re-sand your pavers to avoid this.

Our Final Thoughts

While it is easy to clean brick patio pavers at home, an even better option is to get them cleaned professionally. Get in touch with Kingsway Paver Sealing & Pressure Washing to get your brick pavers cleaned by professional experts. They offer both commercial and residential cleaning services. Visit their website for more details.