Removing Weeds From Bricks Without Herbicides

Removing weeds from bricks without herbicides is very much possible.

You may want to do away with herbicides since they have deleterious repercussions for human health. Besides, weeds return anyway even after taking this big risk. So herbicides are not worth the high risk they entail. Weeds can grow insidiously between brick pavers even if you have plastic sheeting beneath bricks to deny them a favorable breeding ground.

There should be a better solution than tearing at weeds every now and then only to watch them make a quick comeback. Of course, pulling weeds manually will help to clear them up for the time being. But once you do that, you will have to take one more step to ensure that they do not return.

Paver Sand to the Rescue

Make sure that you pour brick paver sand in the gaps between brick pavers after you have pulled out the weed. Sprinkle paver sand over your brick pavers after you have thrown away the offending weeds. Then apply a broom over the area so that the patio sand can settle between brick paver gaps.removing weeds from bricks

Once the patio sand settles between brick paver gaps, it will be much harder for weeds to rear their ugly heads once more.

This is a much better alternative to using herbicides which are suspected of damaging human health. Herbicides are not good for the environment either. To add insult to injury, weeds return irrespective. All that risk and harm for nothing!

Make sure that you dig up weeds as thoroughly as possible. You should remove as much weeds as possible especially the roots so that they cannot stage a comeback.

How to Select the Best Brick Paver Sand

Brick paver professionals can help you to select the best polymeric sand for your brick pavers and apply it to your hardscape. Then it will be good riddance to bad weeds. Finally, your patio, driveway and hardscape will be liberated from the weed onslaught. Your property will do very well and look well-maintained without nasty weeds.

There are a number of options for paver sands including polymeric sand. Not only can these patio sands help you to stem the tide of weeds, they are also necessary for a sturdy and robust hardscape. Paver sand creates strong friction between bricks that can bind them together rigidly.

Some of these paver sand varieties require water to cure. Paver sand may also require proper compacting to ensure that they properly occupy the gap between pavers.

Do you have weeds in your patio or driveway and just don’t know what to do?

You should turn to brick paver professionals to find out which paver sand will work best for your brick pavers. Not only will it mitigate the growth of weeds, the right sand will also bring out the best in your precious hardscape.