Are Brick Paver Sealers Toxic?

Brick pavements look amazing after installation, but you must get the pavers sealed to finish the project. While there are different types of sealers available, you must choose yours wisely.

Generally, brick paver sealers are either solvent-based or water-based. The problem lies with solvent-based sealers containing volatile organic compounds or VOC. These compounds create toxic sealers that aren’t only harmful to the environment but you as well.

are brick paver sealers toxic

Read on to find all the dangers of using toxic sealers and discover an alternative to get your brick paver sealed.

Harmful Effects of Solvent-Based Toxic Sealers

If your sealer has toxic ingredients, it can generate harmful fumes and vapors that cause skin and eye irritation. Protective gear must be worn when applying a sealer that contains VOCs. But you should also understand that brick paver sealers with such toxic compounds also cause major health issues in your loved one. These can include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Nausea
  2. Skin reactions
  3. Dizziness
  4. Memory impairment
  5. Headache
  6. Kidney damage
  7. Liver issues
  8. Fatigue

What to Use Instead?

Instead of using solvent-based toxic sealers rich in VOCs, you can opt for water-based sealers as they are more eco-friendly. Moreover, the number of VOCs in them is limited, so you can use them to seal your brick pavers.

They don’t release any harmful vapors during the installation and can be used in areas that aren’t fully ventilated. Moreover, they have a thinner consistency because of which they are applied using spray applicators. It makes them easier to apply and gives you a more even application.

Generally, brick pavers are thoroughly cleaned with power washes before applying a sealer. You have to wait for the pavement to dry entirely with solvent-based sealers. However, when using water-based sealants, there is no need to wait long hours for the pavement to dry completely. You can apply the sealer right after washing. Plus, they are more affordable than solvent-based sealers.

The only problem with water-based brick paver sealers is that they aren’t suitable for application during cold weather. If the temperature drops below 50 degrees, sealer application becomes challenging. But this issue is only limited to the application process. Once the sealant is cured, it will function properly without any issues.

Work with a Professional

If you want to avoid using toxic sealers, consider seeking help from a professional. A professional sealing company will guide you on which products to use and help you seal your brick pavers.

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