Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions

Q & A’s, About Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a cleaning method used to thoroughly clean the exterior of your property to enhance its visual appeal and keep it hygienic and well maintained. If you’ve got grime or microorganism growth on your walls, deck, or driveway, you can use pressure washing to bring out the beauty of your home and complement your shiny windows.

Let’s explore some frequently asked questions relating to pressure washing.

What is Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a cleaning technique using a pressurized water spray to target surfaces that require cleaning. Since it can damage fragile exteriors, you should limit its use to hard surfaces that can withstand the high-pressure stream. It is often used on concrete, wooden decks, and houses for various purposes, such as removing mold, dirt, and mildew and restoring vibrant colors.

pressure washing questions

How Frequently Must Surfaces be Cleaned by Pressure Washing?

This depends on your property’s exterior and its resilience to the effects of pressure washing. Many people find that once a year is sufficient for deep cleaning their homes. If your walls can stay safeguarded against any damage from pressure washing, the frequency of washes can be increased.

Is it Possible to Pressure Wash by Yourself?

If you are serious about getting your home cleaned, it is probably wise to take a cleaning professional’s responsibility. Things can become problematic if you decide to do it yourself, and you’ll have to learn the proper technique and buy the equipment yourself. Kings Way Paver Sealing is highly skilled at performing pressure washing and should be contacted if you need to get your home properly cleaned. If you attempt to pressure wash yourself, you may make mistakes like holding the nozzle too close to your home’s surfaces, causing damage.

You do not want to chip your paint or damage your screens, which can complicate the matter. If you choose to rent the pressure washing equipment, you should know that most equipment cannot hold a lot of water, causing your do-it-yourself project to take much longer than usual.

What Do PSI and GPM Mean?

PSI refers to the pounds per square inch reflecting the water pressure on your home’s exterior. GPM refers to the gallons per minute, which is how much water can be generated through the nozzle per minute. Although both of these units are important for pressure washing, some people prefer a particular ratio that is more suited for their purposes. Farmers prefer higher GPM because it allows them to flush contaminants out of their soil. Business owners may opt for higher PSI to remove grime off exterior surfaces.

Should I Worry About Damages From Pressure Washing?

If you choose professional cleaners to clean your surfaces, it is very unlikely that you will have any problems whatsoever. Although the equipment used has the potential to damage some surfaces, it is used only on surfaces that are resilient to the onslaught of pressure washing. By opting for a team of professionals, you ensure that they adjust the water pressure according to the surface, making the task simple and safe for your home.

Final Verdict

You may use pressure washing in cases where it is difficult to remove grime and microorganisms without taking a more aggressive approach. It is a job that is best left to professionals who can get it done quickly and leave your home looking squeaky clean. If you are dealing with a complicated situation that requires deep cleaning, then pressure washing is the option for you.