Are Brick Pavers Hard to Maintain?

A Word on Brick Paver Maintenance

Are brick pavers hard to maintain? You may have heard that brick pavers need more care and that they can loosen more easily than other floors, say concrete as an example. However, there are also other factors that you need to consider to fully understand the matter.

Are Brick Pavers Hard to Maintain?

Brick pavers are beautiful, come in an amazing variety of tantalizing designs and can give an exotic plush look to your property. However, they also require a fair amount of regular maintenance. This is what concerns homeowners when they contemplate brick pavers.

However, you have to look at the next best and most common option – concrete. Concrete has a major advantage, which is that it is easy to clean. Homeowners can clean up concrete floors more easily and faster than brick pavers, but that is not the whole story. This small convenience comes at steep costs.

brick paver maintenanceThe Trouble with Concrete

First, although concrete is durable, it can and does crack. And since there are no bricks to restrict damage from spreading, you will find that these cracks grow bigger over time. You may find to your dismay that the concrete floor is cracking steadily (and getting uglier) under the harsh elements, even though you are cleaning it regularly. Repair work for concrete floors is costly and complicated. But repair work for brick pavers is cheaper and easier in comparison. All it takes is the replacement of a few defective/broken bricks to restore your brick paver hardscape to its pristine condition. One prime advantage of brick pavers is that cracks are limited to individual bricks as opposed to the entire slab as in concrete.

So the question of brick paver maintenance and cleaning is more nuanced than what most people think. Gaps between brick pavers may be harder to clean, but they also prevent the propagation of cracks. Concrete is a cinch to clean but it can develop seriously big cracks over times, since there are no gaps (of fewer gaps) to prevent the propagation of these cracks.

But that’s not all. Concrete will not really complement your property. The dull grey texture of concrete may impart a drab and dreary look to your property, so that it appears rather prosaic. A brick paver hardscape on the other hand can imbue your property with a timeless look, so that it has far greater curb appeal. Brick pavers also come in an astounding array of designs, patterns and textures so that you can perfectly complement your property décor with the right hardscape.

Better Brick Paver Maintenance

Now the question that remains is: can you make brick paver maintenance any easier? Yes, with expert assistance, you sure can. Hardscaping professionals have years of experience and the required proficiency for brick paver maintenance. Thus, you can keep your brick pavers looking fresh for a long time to come with professional assistance.

You can save your time and energy by relying on experts for brick pavers. Your brick pavers will also thank you for it.

If it is not going to be a permanent surface, you could lay the brick pavers directly on a level dirt surface but for a permanent, longer-lasting solution so the bricks don’t sink or shift, it is highly recommended to have sand or gravel base for your bricks.