What is Commercial Pressure Washing?

What is commercial pressure washing? Property owners should know what this process entails, whether their property requires it and the caveats involved.

What Is Commercial Pressure Washing?

Commercial pressure washing is a high performance cleaning process for making your property sparkling clean. If done right, commercial pressure washing can make your property shine so that it looks almost as good as new.

As you would have guessed from the name, it entails a high pressure jet of warm water for cleaning up your commercial property. So although this mode of washing is highly effective, it needs to be done with care at the hands of experts so that there is no inadvertent damage to your property.

commercial pressure washingThere is no better feeling than beholding the immaculate façade of your pristine commercial property. Commercial pressure washing is one of those maintenance steps that can keep your enviable property looking great for a long time to come. Rightly timed pressure washing is an important maintenance procedure for any commercial property. If you go for long stretches without pressure washing, then dust and debris could embed firmly within the exterior of commercial edifice and make it look much older than what it truly is. Cleaning up once that happens is not easy. So getting timely pressure washing cleanups is imperative and will ultimately save you money down the road.

Is Pressure Washing Right for My Property?

Pressure washing works for concrete surfaces, fences, masonry and all sorts of buildings. Your grand new commercial edifice may no doubt look awesome, but with the passage of time it will accumulate dust, grease, stains and other highly visible impurities that will annoy any property owner. Pressure washing can remove tough stains that are not easy to clean up with normal washing. Depending on the nature of the stains, experts will use the right temperature and pressure for the water jet to drive away stubborn stains.

You should not confuse power washing with pressure washing. Power washing involves high temperatures anywhere from 250 to 350 degrees. This can be quite harsh on your property. Commercial pressure washing instead deploys high pressures for loosening up annoying debris firmly ensconced on the surfaces of masonry, fences and other parts of your property. Power washing may be recommended for extreme cases where you are dealing with a really dirty property. But for most cases, pressure washing will suffice.

Pressure Washing Caveats

You cannot resort to DIY for pressure washing. You may likely end up doing far more harm than good. There are surfaces that simply cannot withstand high pressures like stained wood, laminar sandstone and painted surfaces among several others. Even for compatible surfaces, the job has to be done with meticulous painstaking care. Therefore, pressure washing must be done with highly trained, experienced and fully insured professionals.

Besides pressure, you need to use the right chemicals for the job. There are different cleaning agents for various surface types. The right professionals will know all about it. This knowledge will prevent unintended damage to your property.

Thus, you should get in touch with experienced and trustworthy professionals for commercial pressure washing to minimize the damage risk and to keep your commercial building in good shape.

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