What Do You Use To Fill Between Brick Pavers?

Maintaining Brick Pavers

brick paversProper installation of brick pavers is essential for all landscaping needs. If the filling between the pavers is not stable, the pavers begin to shift, making it difficult for you to furnish or even walk on the pavers at your convenience.

We got in touch with some expert contractors to get their opinion on how to fill brick pavers in a way that they are completely stable in their place. Even after a few years of installation, we want the pavers to be sturdy and not move or sink when pressure is applied. So here is what you use to fill in between brick pavers:

Base material

The base material of the pavers should have ample porosity because we need this layer to improve drainage. This layer can become porous when you evenly layer it with crushed pebbles or gravel. This layer is excellent not only for drainage, but it also helps to adhere the sand better to it and prevent it from shifting under pressure.

It is important to use proper sand on top of the base layer just before the sand bed to help keep the brick pavers steady and keep the sand bed even. For the best results, choose sharp sand with uneven grains and compact it in two layers above the crushed gravel.

Filling With Sand

The next layer is the sand layer. Not only is the type of sand you use for this layer important, but the way you layer this sand is also extremely crucial to help keep your pavers in place. Use a compacting machine on the first layer of sand above the base, and then on the second layer of sand. If you add 4-5 inches of sand all at once, even the compact machine won’t be able to evenly press down the sand.

After compacting the two layers of sand, you should add a third layer that would remain soft and un-compacted, to keep the pavers in place.

After you have laid all the pavers in place, you should fill the gaps between them by spreading sand all over the pavers and pushing it between the gaps with a broom or a fine brush. Make sure you use the same type of sand for all the layers to keep the bedding completely even.

You can also use polymeric sand to fill the gaps between the pavers since it is highly popular these days. Polymeric sand needs to be wet after being added between the pavers which will help to activate and then harden the sand. Polymeric sand is an excellent filler material since it does not need to be replaced as it sets in place.

Contact The Experts For Cleaning & Maintaining Pavers

While it seems like anyone can perform this job on their own, with surfaces such as lawns and sidewalks, you are much better off taking help from professionals such as highly experienced contractors at Kingsway Paver Sealing and Pressure Washing. These experts will help you with your brick pavers and ensure they last you for a long, long time.