Why Are My Brick Pavers Shifting?

Brick pavers are very much in style right now. They are also seemingly very easy to install since you just lay down some bricks, and you can start furnishing them as you want to. Simple, right?

Yes, while brick pavers are very much in style right now, and there is no doubt that their installation is quite simple, but if you ever feel the pavers shifting underneath the furniture, you will understand that you are in a bit of a pickle at the moment. The pavers will sink and shift if they are not edged the way they should be. Let’s look at this phenomenon in some more detail:

brick pavers shiftingWhy Are the Brick Pavers Shifting?

Edging refers to the process of making a cut in the landscape, between the grass and the sidewalk. The cut is clean and crisp and is able to support the pavers you add to the area once the process is complete. Proper edging of an area means that you can easily install pavers and not expect them to shift underneath the furniture as they would otherwise. An experienced contractor will ensure that they do not skimp out on essential priming processes such as edging and make sure that the installation is done perfectly.

There are also other causes of pavers shifting, which include the growth of weeds and roots underneath the soil. These roots lift the brick pavers, which can cause them to shift, relocate or even crack.

Another common cause of paver shifting is due to backfill settling, and it can occur any time between the first four to five years after the paver’s installation. Proper planning and priming can prevent this issue from coming up as well.

How Can We Fix It?

Unless you are an experienced contractor, you should not attempt to fix the pavers on your own. Not only could that make matters worse, but you might end up hurting yourself as well.

Get in touch with experienced contractors such as the experts at Kingsway Paver Sealing and Pressure Washing. These highly experienced workers will know exactly how to fix your paver shifting issue and will likely have to remove the shifting or sinking pavers and investigate the area underneath. The base material will then be re-leveled and properly primed before placing the pavers. Once the pavers are placed properly, you can start using the sidewalk as you wish, and you will be sure not to go through this problem again.

Expert contractors will also ensure that proper edging takes place before the pavers are installed. In fact, if you contact them in the initial stages of installation, they will be able to guide you through the whole process of edging, ensuring that the pavers stay in place, fully intact the whole time.


You do not want a half-hearted job done on your lawn since it is likely very dear to you. Therefore, you should try contacting experts at Kingsway to ensure that the job is done perfectly.