Why is Cleaning Your Tile Roof Important for Florida Residents?

While tiled roofs are an excellent choice for adding to your home’s aesthetics, they require frequent maintenance and cleaning. Regular tile roof cleaning is even more important in hot and humid places like Florida. The damp weather can give birth to algae and moss, which easily make a home in between the tiled spaces. Read on to learn why the residents of Florida should get their tiled roofs cleaned by professionals.

cleaning your tile roof

Top Reasons to Get Tile Roof Cleaning

There are plenty of reasons to get tiled roofs cleaned, especially if you live in Florida. Below are some of the main reasons why regular roof cleaning is good for your home.

1.     Prevents Tile Breakage

Most tiled roofs don’t have an underlying waterproof layer. When it rains frequently, the weather turns hot and humid, which causes algae and moss to grow between the tiles. The growth can cause your tiles to crack and even push them apart if the growth is excessive. But if you get your tiles cleaned regularly, it won’t cause your tiles to crack or break.

2.     Reduces the Risk of Water Damage

When your tiles break or spaces between them, your home becomes prone to water damage. If the water starts seeping into your home, it can be disastrous. It is best to get your tiles cleaned once or twice a year to prevent permanent damage to your home. Fixing or repairing your home after flooding can be costly. It’s better to invest in preventive measures and get your tile roof cleaning done professionally.

3.     Eliminates Discoloration

When you get your tile roof cleaned, it keeps it in top condition and prevents discoloration. Discolored roofs downgrade the aesthetics of your home’s exterior and can also cause moldy patches. But with regular cleaning, the appearance of the tiles isn’t affected, and any grime, mold, mildew, or dirt that can alter the color are washed away before they can cause damage.

4.     Keeps Your Home Safe from the Rain

Rainy days are pretty common in Florida. When there are more rainy days in a year, your tiled roof must be cleaned at least twice. It keeps your home safe from rain and water damage.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Company

Consider hiring professionals instead of opting for a DIY tile roof cleaning project. Kingsway Paver Sealing & Pressure Washing offers Florida’s best tile cleaning services. Get in touch today by calling (239) 440.8245 to book an appointment!