When Should You Consider Soft Washing Your Home?

If you wish to add more aesthetic appeal to your home, you must begin with the exterior and work your way in. It gives off a negative first impression if you have dirty walls when guests or potential buyers come over, which is why you should keep them looking clean and presentable. Soft Washing your home is a vital consideration.

Let’s explore what soft washing is and when you should use it.

What is Soft Washing

Soft washing is a cleaning technique used by professionals to clean the surfaces of your property using pressurized water. A special cleaning solution is often added to the water to enhance the cleaning effect, making your property look new and presentable. People use soft washing to remove dirt and bacteria from the surfaces of their walls, including other organic material that may be festering in other places like the roof or walkway. This cleaning method is one of the most efficient ways to maintain hygiene and keep your home looking fresh and desirable.

When Should Soft Washing your home be done?

There is no general rule of thumb for when’s the best time to use soft washing in your home, but you can use this method periodically if you live in a frequently dirty area. One example is if you’re living close to a dirt road, you might have to invest in house washing once every 3-6 months, depending on how dusty it gets. If there are many trees in your area, you need to watch out for sap, which can quickly build up and negatively impact your home’s aesthetics. Following a storm, you may want to avail soft washing services from a professional in your area to remove any debris, spores, and pollen that may have accumulated around your house. Kings Way Paver Sealing offers excellent soft washing services to clean your home thoroughly and have it look appealing to onlookers.

Soft Washing Your HomeIf you live in humid weather conditions, there will likely be mold, mildew, and algae growth, making your home a breeding ground for unwanted organisms. Realistically, it is entirely your decision when you plan to avail soft washing services, but it’s recommended that you get it done at least once a year.

Benefits of Soft Washing

There are many benefits of getting your home soft-washed, and these mainly depend on your particular needs.

Increases Longevity

Walls and roofs may be liable to damage if many microorganisms are breeding in corners and under surfaces. Lichen, fungi, and algae can slowly chip away at your roof’s shingles and reduce its lifespan. Furthermore, if you fail to take corrective action, these microorganisms can spread rapidly and make them difficult to eliminate in the long run.

Eco-Friendly Option

Soft washing is an eco-friendly option because the cleaning solution used is biodegradable and not harmful to the environment. This doesn’t mean it is not effective because it destroys microorganisms’ entirely while managing to stay non-destructive to the environment.

Reduces Damage to Surfaces

It is optimal to choose soft washing instead of pressure washing because it does not damage your home’s exterior. It is recommended that you seek out a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Final Verdict

Soft washing is an excellent option for those looking to enhance their home’s appearance and keep it neat and tidy to have a great first impression from guests and buyers. It is also very safe and non-harmful to the environment, making it superior to other conventional cleaning techniques like power washing.